The COVID Hospital urgently needs supplies

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As the number of daily Covid-19 cases remains high, mobility restrictions imposed by the Movement Control Order and a complicated application process made it difficult for suppliers to operate during this times, causing some Covid-19 hospitals to face a supply shortage. In response, CRSM launched an emergency fund-raising campaign through GoCare Crowdfunding, welcome public for their kind donation.

“We read in the papers earlier that hospital resources are limited. The CRSM also received a request from the COVID19 Hospital a while ago, stating that it is in need of some basic facilities as well as PPE supplies. As the number of Covid-19 patients soars and the pandemic situation worsens in the Klang Valley, there was a shortage of supplies and equipment in the hospital for the treatment of Covid-19 patients, and they need these in greater numbers for better patient management.





  1. Medical Contactless thermometer 医用温度计 RM180 x 50 pcs
  2. Walkie talkie with MCMC sirim certified 无线对讲机 RM230 x 50pcs
  3. BIG Canopy 大帐篷 Rm2100 x 2
  4. . Sanitizer Gun rm80 x 150
  5. Glucose meter rm90 x 40
  6. Oxygen tank trolley rm350 x 20

Total RM45,200.00

I) 网上捐款 Online Donation:

II) 银行转账 Bank Transfer Account details:
Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM)-Go Care
Alliance Bank 1418 500 100 42290


联络方式 Contact:
Gocare Hotline :019- 669 6278详情: www.gocare.org.my

News 新闻:

4 hospital COVID-19 terima bantuan peralatan

GoCare seeks to raise RM300,000 to help Covid-19 hospital

Covid-19: GoCare seeks to raise RM300k to buy urgently needed medical supplies for hospitals

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Lim WC RM150.00 September 16, 2021
Lim Kim Seng & Family RM300.00 September 04, 2021
UNCLE LUA DURIAN RM2,500.00 August 30, 2021
Chan Wai Yip RM40.00 August 23, 2021
Anonymous RM50.00 August 23, 2021
TEH SUAT MEI RM43.00 August 17, 2021
Anonymous RM50.00 August 21, 2021
LIM LING LING RM500.00 August 21, 2021
Anonymous RM120.00 August 19, 2021
Anonymous RM500.00 August 17, 2021
KAU KUI CHIN RM300.00 August 13, 2021
Woo Wooi Looi RM200.00 August 13, 2021
CHU CHUAN FEN RM50.00 August 09, 2021
Anonymous RM50.00 August 13, 2021
Anonymous RM80.00 August 13, 2021
Anonymous RM50.00 August 13, 2021
Anonymous RM180.00 August 13, 2021
Chng Soo Chau RM900.00 August 09, 2021
FARN JIA HIN RM20.00 August 10, 2021
Soo Kim Hong RM50.00 August 09, 2021
Koh Sok Lean RM50.00 August 09, 2021
YEO YEE CHENG RM42.42 August 09, 2021
CHONG CHEW CHEN RM100.00 August 07, 2021
Liew Li Min RM100.00 August 09, 2021
gocare charity sale RM230.00 August 08, 2021
gocare charity sale RM230.00 August 08, 2021
NG RM180.00 August 08, 2021
Ku Mooi Leng RM100.00 August 08, 2021
Anonymous RM50.00 August 08, 2021
Shek Weng Weng RM180.00 August 08, 2021
gocare charity sale RM230.00 August 08, 2021
LOW FEH THENG RM180.00 August 08, 2021
Irene RM50.00 August 08, 2021
Leong See Mun RM200.00 August 08, 2021
Anonymous RM50.00 August 08, 2021


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