Fundraising for Hospital 冠病医院急需物资

Due to the current EMCO or FMCO situation in KL Selangor, stationery stores and suppliers are closed, and they are unable to purchase relevant emergency supplies, particularly whiteboards, immediately, prompting the hospital to seek assistance from GoCare.

The COVID Hospital urgently needs supplies

Donation in Kind or in Cash are welcome!




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目前所急需的物资包括:涂写白板 (大型有轮)、挂钟、电子体重仪、3in1 打印机和对讲机。GoCare将继续与各医院保持联系,务必尽快提供他们所急需的物资,以便冠病医院的运作不会受到影响。

The number of confirmed cases of the COVID19 remains high, and some of the COVID19 hospitals are also experiencing supply shortages. GoCare has launched an urgent fundraising campaign in the hope that the public will actively donate.

The increase in patients with COVID19 has resulted in a shortage of hospital equipment and equipment in hospitals that specialise in treating patients with COVID-19 disease. As a result, GoCare will raise the whiteboard and personal protective equipment (PPE) that are most urgently needed in the hospital. According to the hospital’s notification, the whiteboard is used to record and monitor the patient’s condition.

The following items are urgently required: graffiti whiteboard (large wheel), wall clock, electronic weight scale, 3in1 printer, and walkie-talkie. GoCare will continue to communicate with hospitals and must provide them with urgently needed supplies as soon as possible so that the COVID19 Hospital’s operations are not disrupted.


涂写白板 (大型有轮)- 20pcs
挂钟 – 30pcs
电子体重仪 20pcs
3in1 打印机 10pcs
对讲机 20pcs

The hospital urgently requires the following items:

Scribble whiteboard (large wheel) – 20pcs
Wall clock – 30pcs
Electronic weight machine  – 20pcs
3in1 printer – 10pcs
Walkie-talkie – 20pcs

联络方式 Contact:
Gocare Hotline :019- 669 6278详情:


*GoCare will work with donors to make arrangements.

*All donated materials must be handled carefully, and items that are damaged will not be accepted.

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