BeWithYou Community Caring Campaign 爱的力“亮”社区关爱运动

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  1. Intro 活动简介:


透过GOCARE众筹运动,结合大家的力量,举办一系列的社区关爱活动,携手共创爱心社会。如:爱心餐车,GoCare 爱心市集,GoCare爱心礼盒等。慈善活动将陆续增加。此活动将由Yayasan CRSM 主催,GoCare 与CRSM 马华志工团成为主办单位。

GoCare is determined to foster a more caring society whilst continuing to create greater charitable awareness towards underprivileged communities through a series of community caring services as part of our charity fundraising. Mission-bound to assist the less fortunate and underprivileged groups, GoCare will carry out several charity events such as: Charity Food Truck, GoCare Bazaar & Charity Sales, GoCare Caring Gift Box, and others. GoCare will continue to expand on our charity activities from time to time. This event will be hosted by Yayasan CRSM and organised by GoCare and CRSM.

  1. Objective 宗旨:
  2. 筹款以举办一系列的关爱活动和赈灾筹款运动。
  3. 寻求合作伙伴以协助弱势群体和社区。
  • 我们的筹款目标是RM300,000.00,而筹募的款项将用于系列关爱活动,包括:

Fundraising Target : RM300,000.00. The funds will be used for a series of events. These include:

  1. 社区关爱Social Relief
No 活动名称 Event Name 用途 Purpose 筹款目标

Target Amount RM

1. 新春送暖活动

CNY Care Event


To distribute auspicious Chinese New Year red-packets “angpows” to low-income

single-parent families during the Chinese New Year festive season.


2. 社区关爱服务

Community Services


Distribute supplies and gift boxes to underprivileged and poor families




  1. Social Caring 社区关爱
1 原住民关爱计划

Project Caring Orang Asli


>带领大专生前往原住民部落给予协助和关爱, 并购买和分发必需品。 RM20,000.00
2 社区健康检验

Community Health Screening Events




> Provide free health screening events to the public.

> Cooperate with medical suppliers, bring ultrasound machines to orang asli villages, and provide free ultrasound examinations to orang asli.



  1. Crisis Relief赈灾援助


1. 赈灾援助

Crisis Relief


Fundraising for victims of natural disasters, such as floods, windstorms, landslides, etc.

总额 Total RM300,000.00

筹款目标 Targeted Fundraising


Campaign Info:

BeWithYou GoCaring Campaign

BeWithYou GoFunding Campaign


GoHealthy Campaign 健康醒觉运动


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