BeWithYou GoCaring Campaign

GoCaring Program 社区关爱 活动


The goal is to assist the less fortunate in the community. We believe that true community spirit is reflected in our care and support for those in need. Through this campaign, we hope to band together and provide some assistance and warmth to those in need.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

活动种类 Type of Project:

  1. 新春送暖活动 2023   CNY Care Event 2023


To distribute auspicious Chinese New Year red-packets “angpows” to low-income single-parent families during the Chinese New Year festive season.

2. 原住民关爱计划  Project Caring Orang Asli

带领大专生前往原住民部落给予协助和关爱, 并购买和分发必需品。Lead college students to the orang asli village to provide aid and care, as well as to purchase and distribute necessities.


配合GoCare BeWithYou 爱的力 ‘亮’ 社区关爱运动,GoCare , Yayasan CRSM 以及 CRSM欢迎台湾的志工前来马来西亚, 进行为期5天4夜的服务感谢大伙儿都策划和配合,我们一起为社区做出了贡献!


In collaboration with the GoCare BeWithYou Community Caring Program, GoCare, Yayasan CRSM, and CRSM welcomed volunteers from Taiwan to Malaysia for a 5-day, 4-night service program. GoCare would like to thank everyone involved for their planning and cooperation, as we have made a contribution to the community together!
During this event, we went to Kampung Orang Asli and underpriviledges centers, provided community services, interacted with local residents, and had cultural exchanges with the students at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Let us feel the power of love together, convey care through action, and bring warmth and hope to the community!

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3. 社区关爱服务 Community Services


Distribute supplies and gift boxes to underprivileged and poor families


In collaboration with the GoCare #BeWithYou Caring Project. GoCare provided the Covid Nasal Test Kit to the NGO in need. Thank you for sponsoring from Chempaka Buddhist Lodge PJ.


Delta Pride公司响应GoCare 的BeWithYou社区关怀运动,未雨绸缪特捐赠床褥,作为未来可能遭受水灾困扰者的必需品,将温暖和关爱传递给有需要的群体。

Delta Pride于拉曼理工大学宿舍,把捐献品移交予马华志工团,以在未来关爱行动中帮助有需要的群体或灾民。此捐赠行动体现了该公司的企业社会责任(CSR)活动以慈善项目为主来创造共享价值,作为对社会的承诺。

In support of GoCare’s BeWithYou community care campaign, Delta Pride donated mattresses to be provided for those affected in future flood episodes, passing warmth and care to groups in need.
Delta Pride presented the donations to CRSM today at the TARUMT Hostel to assist needy groups or disaster victims in future care missions. This donation exemplifies the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, focusing on charitable projects that create shared value as a commitment towards society.
C) Updated April 2023
GoCaring Meal Box Fundraising Campaign 爱心饭盒筹募运动

过 BeWithYou 爱的力 “亮”社区关爱运动,GoCare 为弱势群体中心筹募爱心饭盒,献出您的爱心,每人仅需乐捐 RM8,就能为中心的天使们购买一份午餐。欢迎您的慷慨捐款,为需要帮助的人们送去温暖和关爱。谢谢!

In conjuction with GoCare BeWithYou Community Caring Campaign, GoCare are raising funds for charity mealboxes for underprivilege centre. Your RM8 donation per person can provide lunch for the angels in the centre.

More info: GoCaring Meal Box Fundraising Campaign 爱心饭盒筹募运动
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