Wild Wow Wet 2.0

The WWW Charity Fun Run, organised by the Student Action Club of INTI Subang, is targeting 500 runners, with an after-run music party

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About this campaign


The Wild Wow Wet 2.0 Charity Fun Run Is Back! – With Aim Of RM2,000 For Charity. The Student Action (STACT) Club’s ‘WWW Charity Fun Run’, the Run that won ‘Best Charity Project’ Award last year at INTI Subang, is holding its run for the 3rd time on Saturday, 13 May 2017.

This meaningful charity run event, with the starting and ending points at INTI Subang, will be targeting 500 participants aged 16 and above, an increase of 200 participants from last year’s event. The top 150 participants that completed the 6km Fun Run, will be provided with water guns, water balloons, etc. for an after-run DJ party. The organizers, together with the college management and the help from local authorities such as the police, MPSJ and RELA members, will ensure that safety of the participants is the priority for this event.

The WWW2.0 Charity Run is very unique and by far one of its kind in the Klang Valley. We are not only raising fund for charity, but at the same time creating public awareness on the importance of charity and health. All we require is the public’s participation in the Run.

Our targeted beneficiary, YS Charity Foundation, which was founded in August 2016, is a developmental disability center for the financially challenges families in Petaling Jaya. The residents at this center were diagnosed with various mental disorders such as ADHD, autism, depression, Down Syndrome, etc. All of them come from families that were unable of nursing them 24/7.

“We appeal to the public to help us achieve our main objective of creating awareness and cultivating a caring culture. Come join us by participating and spreading this noble message across to friends and loved ones. Your presence and participation will show that you care for your local needy folks,” said Ceci Cheng, Chairperson of the WWW2.0 Organising Committee. We will be setting up a booth and online registration portal to allow participants to sign up. T-shirts and merchandises such as goodies bags will be given to all participants

Cheque handover to the INTI Student action vlub representative.

Risks & Challenges


The potential risks and challenges that are predicted to be faced by Wild Wow Wet 2.0 on 13th May 2017 is weather. The whole programme will be affected if there is raining occured on the event day, and we will shorten the running route to carry on the programme. The challenge faced will be traffic condition, but we will be working with RELA and police officers to avoid any accident.

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