Welfare Support for Ex-National Basketball Player

Sim Ming Huey, an ex-national basketball player that was involved in a car accident in 2012 and had her lower body paralysed forever.

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About this campaign

Our first crowdfunding campaign that was to fund for our national basketball player Tong Wen Keong’s medical expenses after he got involved in a car accident. Tong Wen Keongs’ elbow was fractured and his family decided to send him to Singapore for treatment, the medical fees reach as high as RM150k. Therefore to reduce the financial burden of Wen Keong’s family and to help him to get back on track, CRSM has decided to crowd fund an amount of RM150k through GoCare online charity crowdfunding website and host a charity basketball match with the collaboration of Malaysia Basketball Association, Johor Basketball Association and NBL ASIA. The campaign was very successful and we have accumulated an amount of RM 91355 as of 29th of January 2016.


The Story :

After the first campaign, this time we have decided to help Sim Ming Huey, which is an ex-national basketball player that was involved in a car accident in 2012 and had her lower body paralysed forever. She cannot feel anything below her shoulder, her vocal cord is affected and her legs experience continuous atrophy. Every month, she will have to return to the hospital and private medical institution because of the failure of her organs to function properly which inhibits the excretion of waste from her body. She also experience urethra inflammation frequently and bloating due to slow digestion. She cannot function as a normal human being as she can only lie on a bed and requires her parent’s care.


She has said that her friends and family had spent their time to support her, they also took her out by carrying her on their backs. She also said that she met a lot of people like her which showed her a way of living by using her only pair of hand.


After the rehabilitation from 2012 to 2015, she found a company which was willing to give her a chance to step out to society. She got a job as an admin clerk and can start earning her own living. But due to her health, she quit her job and rest at home as her doctor had advised her to because the job was taking a toll on her health as she always needed to take sick leave to visit the doctor and the salary was only enough for her living cost.


Amidst the hardships she is facing, Ming Huey still remained positive and tough. She plan to learn some survival technique for the disabled at the medical centre and especially learn to drive so that she can travel around independently.


GoCare hopes that an donation target of RM20,000 can be achieved, the funds accumulated will be given to Sim Ming Huey to fund her medical fees and a new wheelchair.





To date, Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM) has participated in many local disaster relief activities such as the flood in west and east coast of Malaysia and assisting in the MH370 incident. In order to improve and increase the efficiency in disaster relieving, Crisis Relief Squad of MCA has released GoCare which is an online charity crowdfunding website (GoCare.org.my). This is the first online crowdfunding platform in Malaysia that is targeted at raising money for humanitarian cause. The public can help by their generous donation to help people in need and spread the positivity out using social media.


We hope that through GoCare online charity crowdfunding platform, we can assist people or groups that require help by crowdfunding from the public. We also seek to provide a transparent, efficient and easy-to-use donation platform to the public. Any enquires regarding about GoCare can be made at gocare.org.my@gmail.com or call 2203 3979.






马华志工团全国团长拿督赖俊瀚披露,GoCare首个众筹活动是为马来西亚现役篮球国手唐文强筹募15万令吉的手术费,并透过与马来西亚篮球总会、柔佛州篮球总会,NBL ASIA于2016年1月29日假新山拉庆室内体育馆联合举办一场慈善篮球挑战赛。截止今天共筹获91,355令吉。


故事 :










赖俊瀚表示,马华志工团2005成立至今,参与了多项在我国发生的大灾难援助,包括,南马、北马、东海岸大水灾、MH370援助等。为了让赈灾和提供人道援助的工作更加完善和有效地进行,我们希望透过Go Care慈善众筹凝聚公众力量,通过众筹的方式,协助有需要的群体或单位,协助他们度过难关。




Risks & Challenges


Many are asking why are we doing this. Simple, we believe in love is everywhere. Quoting the famous Cambodian activist Somaly Mam, we strongly believe that love is the answer and that it can mend even the deepest unseen wounds. Love can heal, love can console, love can strengthen, and yes, love can make change. Giving love and being loved are equally important to us. Love gives us strength and courage to tackle just anything that may threaten to delay our charity project. Putting asides anything that is beyond our control, or so-called act-of-god, we do not think anything like equipment, event schedule, permits or any other problem that arise will not be resolved by our incredibly loving team.

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