Social Relief Campaign for Community 社区关爱活动 003

疫情期间,弱势群体,慈善中心和慈善机构都面对经济压力,CRSM GoCare 将通过拜访该单位并送上GoCare 爱心包和附赠冠病检测盒。

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  • 慈善中心/机构:根据人数购买日常用品。(RM10/人)

目标:帮助50家慈善NGO, 每家约20人,共计- RM10,000.00

  • 弱势群体家庭:购买价值RM50日常用品。(RM50/家庭)

目标:帮助100个弱势群体家庭,共计- RM50,000.00

  • 冠病检测盒(每个RM6):根据人数购买(慈善NGO)/ 一套4个(弱势群体家庭)

慈善NGO , 共计 – RM6000, 弱势群体家庭, 共计 – RM2400,Grand Total: RM8400


UPDATED 13/9/2022

GoCare “Mid-Autumn Festival Sending Warmth and Love” Event
GoCare“ 中秋佳节送暖献爱心 ”活动

The SRJK (C) Sungai Chua & SRJK (C) Sungai Way receive mooncake gift boxes and masks from CRSM and GoCare for the students from single-parent families. In an effort to provide comfort to vulnerable families, GoCare raised money through the community caring crowdfunding campaign and sponsored mooncake gift boxes and PPE’s.
GoCare进行的“ 中秋佳节送暖献爱心”派送月饼礼盒和口罩至锡米山华小安亲班以及双溪威华小安亲班的单亲家庭学生。GoCare 通过社区关爱众筹运动筹募的款项,并赞助月饼礼盒以及防疫用品,希望能给弱势家庭送上一份温暖。



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