Raise Medical Expenses for Little Girl 帮助女童筹募医药费


Little girl with learning disabilities, unfortunately suffered from diabetes and hydrocephalus in February 2021. She requires insulin injections every day to keep her blood sugar stable. She is currently standard 4 and holds a Disability Card (OKU). She is a person with a learning disability and born with a hole in the heart and had undergone repair surgery at the age of 7.


Little girl will be admitted to Putrajaya Government Hospital on June 28 for genetic testing, followed by brain and diabetes tests in October. These medical costs, transportation costs, and lodging costs are a huge burden on their family.


As a result, they aim to alleviate their financial burden by raising funds through the GoCare crowdfunding platform.

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新闻 News: 女童糖尿病脑积水 父母减少工 一家陷困

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