为了培养志工精神,马华志工团再次与拉曼大学联合推行了原住民关爱计划。2020年1月10日至12日,马华志工团将带领27位名来自拉曼大学双溪龙分校的大学生前往霹雳州务边区Kampung Ulu Jelintoh进行3天2夜的活动。

In order to cultivate the spirit of voluntarism, CRSM collaborated with UTAR students to conduct an Orang Asli Caring Project. From 10 January 2020 till 12 January 2020, CRSM led 27 students from University Tunku Abdul Raman Sungai Long to visit KKampung Ulu Jelintoh in Gopeng, Perak for a three-day-two-night event

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Perak, Malaysia




为更成功地举办此次活动,我们将通过GoCare众筹网进行活动经费筹募。我们将会把筹到的善款用在购买活动材料,壁画彩绘及粉刷礼堂所用到的漆,阅读角落的书架等等。我们希望您可以协助这次的活动经费,让我们可以无后顾之忧下, 越办越精彩。

时间:下午12:00 (星期五)–下午1:00 (星期日)
地点:Kampung Ulu Jelintoh,Gopeng,Perak


Project Orang Asli aims to help Orang Asli living in obscure village, by providing them supports for their continuous development. The activities in this event focus on the education for the youth such that to expose them to new knowledge, develop their interest and inspire them to join various subjects and areas, through conducting STEM workshops and fun crafting activities. For students, students were divided into groups by following the Tok Batin to assist the Orang Asli to perform daily chores such as cutting wood and collecting wild vegetables. Throughout these activities, mutual understanding and respect began to form between the university students and the Orang Asli.

Besides, some community projects are introduced throughout the event, we will paint the murals, paint the auditorium and build the reading corner of the village which aims to help improving Orang Asli’s quality lifestyle, the infrastructures around the village, the community and the environment.
This was the Eight event organised under the Orang Asli Caring Projects. The main reason the Orang Asli Caring Project continues to be conducted is mainly because of the extraordinary significance and far-reaching impact of this event. It not only provides the opportunity to the students to better understand and experience the life of the Orang Asli, but also to create health awareness amongst the Orang Asli.

To ensure the event organized successfully, we will be using GoCare crowd funding platform to raise fund for the event. We will use the funds raised to purchase event materials, mural wall painting and painting of the hall, bookshelf of reading corner, and so on. We hope that you can assist with the funding for this event so that we can conduct this event without worries.

Date : 10th January 2019 to 12th January 2019
Time : 12:00 p.m. (Friday) – 1:00 p.m. (Sunday)
Venue : Kampung Ulu Jelintoh, Gopeng, Perak


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