Fundraising of Oxygen Tank Trolley 筹募冠病医院氧气筒大推车

20 units of Oxygen Tank Trolley needed for COVID19 Hospital!

RM350/unit, please donate and help the hospital.


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自从把Trolley 送到Kajang Hospital 之后,我们也收到其他医院的来电,希望可以或者一些医疗物资和氧气筒手推车。

We have received calls from other hospitals requesting medical supplies and oxygen tank carts since GoCare delivered the Oxygen Tank Trolley to Kajang Hospital.

Hospital Putrajaya (13/8/2021)

疫情送暖  一起送暖 – 冠病医院
Another batch of Oxigen tank trolley been sent to covid Hospital Putrajaya . Yes they need it more
The stock in the market is low and many seller markup it a lot , Thank you Yayasan CRSM manage to get some oxigen trolley for the covid hospital !
Let’s GoCare & Share , your Donation Save Life

The situation in the hospital has become unsightly due to the continuous deterioration of the new COVID19 in Malaysia, with an increasing number of severe patients. As a result, the COVID19 hospital urgently requires the purchase of an oxygen tank, with a total of 20 oxygen tank trolleys,trolley can fit updated 47lit oxygen tank, each one costs about RM350, so a total of RM7000 to be raised.

因我国新型冠状病毒疫情持续恶化,原来越多重型病患,医院的情况已经不堪入目,因此医院目前急需购买氧气筒,并需要20架氧气筒大推车,一架约RM350, 总共需筹募 RM7000.

News 新闻:

1) 马华透过gocare慈善平台-筹20架氧气筒推车/

2) THE STAR: gocare-helps-hospitals-get-oxygen-tanks

3) GoCare helps hospitals get oxygen tanks

4) GoCare helps hospitals get oxygen tanks

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银行转账 Bank Transfer Account details:
Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM)-Go Care
Alliance Bank 1418 500 100 42290

Remarks: Trolley

Contact: 03- 2203 3920 / 019- 669 6278

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YAP KIM LAN RM1,000.00 July 30, 2021
CHE ONG NGEE HOU RM100.00 August 09, 2021
JUDY TAY AI NEE RM350.00 July 30, 2021
Anonymous RM350.00 August 05, 2021
Lim Kim Seng & Family RM300.00 August 03, 2021
LEE SIEW CHING RM100.00 July 30, 2021
CRSM NEGERI SEMBILAN RM1,050.00 July 29, 2021
LAU LIM CHENG RM200.00 July 29, 2021
VTAR INSTITUTE RM3,850.00 July 29, 2021
MA KOK FENG RM13.00 July 29, 2021
KWAN GUAT HEONG RM350.00 July 28, 2021
SOO KIM HONG RM50.00 July 28, 2021
LIM WAH KEE RM350.00 July 28, 2021
KAU KUI CHIN RM350.00 July 28, 2021
SEET TEE GEE RM350.00 July 28, 2021
TAN YI LIN RM50.00 July 29, 2021
LIUNG CHEK CHEN RM100.00 July 29, 2021
Angie RM350.00 July 28, 2021
Yoo Siaw Cheng RM50.00 July 28, 2021
Ong Kin Hiap RM100.00 July 28, 2021
Anonymous RM350.00 July 28, 2021
LIM CHIN HAI RM350.00 July 28, 2021
TAN RM350.00 July 28, 2021
Teo Han Lian RM100.00 July 28, 2021
KU SEEW LING RM350.00 July 28, 2021
Ku Mooi Leng RM100.00 July 28, 2021
Lau shein mei RM350.00 July 27, 2021


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