Fundraising for COVID19 patient to purchase oxygen generator

Fundraising to purchase oxygen Generator for COVID 19 Stage 5 patients

为 COVID 19 第四阶段患者筹款购买氧气筒

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mr. Cheah Yeng Weng was a stage 5 COVID19 patient.

The doctor advised him to use an oxygen generator at home for 6 months after being discharged from the hospital due to lung damage.

Mr. Cheah is still recovering at home and unable to work, so the family must support a family of four (dignosed COVID19 too).

As a result, he raises funds from the public via GoCare, hoping that the public can do more to assist him.


Mr Cheah Yeng Weng曾被确诊新冠肺炎第五阶段‼️非常幸运的被医生们从阎王手里抢救了回来,却在出院时被告知,由于肺部受损需要在家使用氧气筒(Oxygen Generator)调理6个月🛏️

然而老天爷的玩笑似乎不止于此,在家修养无法上班的Mr Cheah,一家四口全部确诊新冠肺炎😱 这无疑是对本来就摇摇欲坠的家庭经济一次致命的打击😣

在走投无路之下Mr. Cheah在网上看到GoCare有帮忙众筹的活动,希望通过群众的力量能够帮助他们一家度过这次的难关🙏🏻



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Fundraising for COVID19 patient to purchase oxygen generator

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Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM)-Go Care
Alliance Bank 1418 500 100 42290
Remarks: Oxygen Generator

019- 669 6278 /

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