North Zone Flood Relief

Flooded in North Zone Malaysia (Kedah & Penang) 北马水灾 :吉打 & 槟城 Crowdfunding for the Victims 为北部水灾的灾民筹款

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Early of November, there are two crucial floods happened on the same day which is on 4th November 2017 (Saturday), the Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM) wasted no time in immediately departed from KL to North Zone to assist in these flood.

Among the affected areas in George Town,Penang were Kampung Masjid, Jalan P. Ramlee, Sungai Pinang, Jalan Kebun Lama, Lebuh Carnovan, Jalan Anson and Halaman Bukit Gambir. Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas, Batu Ferringghi, Balik Pulau and several areas in Seberang Prai were also hit. There are many trees have fallen due to the storm and heavy rain. Meanwhile, the worst affected areas in Kedah are Kuala Muda, Kulim and Yan districts, with more than 350 people forced to evacuate to 13 relief centres.


MCA CRSM is ready to send teams to assist in the recent flood in Penang, MCA & CRSM State Chief & teams are already at sites to access the situation.


马华志工团热线 CRSM hotline:
上班时间 Working hour : 03-22033920
非上班时间 Non working hour :019-6696278


捐款方式 Mode of Donation :
Option (1): 捐助款目少于RM5000以下的可以透过Go Care公益众筹网,网上捐款。For donation in kind with less than RM5000, can Online donation through

Option (2) :  捐助款目多于RM5000以上可以bank in至Alliance Bank。For donation in kind with more than RM5000, Kindly bank in to Alliance Bank 141850010016611 Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM)
请提供进账收据、姓名及身份证号码以方便准备捐款收据。Please send the bank in slip, name and IC of donor, in order to issue the receipt.

吉打及槟城马华志工团 立即投入赈灾服务
协助 慰问 关怀 援助 我们与您同度!
Immediate Relief in action



For more info, please visit to our offical Facebook page @gocareorg or CRSM HQ 马华志工团。They need you, LET’S GO CARE.

updaetd 22Nov 2017 :-




Risks & Challenges


1. 食物/物资不充足 Food/Materials such as clothes,canned food may not enough for the victims.

2. 学生无上到学校上课 Floods caused the schools closed, students unable attend class.

3. 进行赈灾、救济及善后工作时人手不足 Lack of volunteers to assist during the crisis relief and post clean up

4. 豪雨不断、水无法退 The heavy rain continously, and the water unable to receded。

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