UTAR CRSM Project Caring Orang Asli 2018

马华志工团与双溪龙拉曼大学原住民关爱计划 @ Kg Sungai Cincin抛开城市的烦恼和压力,去到了原住民的村落体验生活、一起烹饪、一起用餐,全部都团结一致。看见他们开心,学生们也是开心。简单就是快乐 <3

Posted by CRSM HQ马华志工团 on Sunday, 6 May 2018

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配合即将来临的原住民关怀计划, 马华志工团将在2020年在全国进行至少3次的《原住民关爱》活动,主要目的是为了关怀居住在偏僻村庄的原住民,并且通过教导与协助让原住民可以提高他们的生活质素。


GoCare社区关爱众筹系列活动3之《老鼠爱上巧克力义卖》,GoCare将配合solen巧克力公司进行巧克力义卖,该巧克力是来自土耳其。售价为RM88,1套3盒(1盒24条),共3个款式(Twingo,VIP, Go fresh)。该巧克力经过独特包装,新年送礼特别大气。

GoCare 会在1月9日开始假马华总部大厦前进行售卖。快来支持我们!


In conjuction with the Orang Asli Caring program, CRSM will be conducted at least 3 event of “Project Caring Orang Asli” in year 2020, the main purpose is to care for the Orang Asli which living in the remote villages, and through the teaching and assisting the Orang Asli to improve their quality of life.

This year, CRSM is collaborate will GoCare Crowdfunding program, through the “Chocolate for Charity” activity to raise funds for the “Project Caring Orang Asli”. It is expected that the beneficiary will more than 1000 family of Orang Asli.

GoCare Community Caring Crowdfunding Campaign 3 which is “Chocolate for Charity” ,  Solen Chocolate will be the supported unit of GoCare for charity sales. The chocolate is imported from Turkey, price RM88/set, each set 3 box (24 pcs/box). The 3 flavor included (Twingo, VIP, GoFresh). The set of chocolate is packaged uniquely for Chinese New Year gift.

GoCare will be conducting the “Chocolate for Charity” Sales at Wisma MCA Kuala Lumpur from 9/1/2020, please do come and support us!

老鼠爱上巧克力义卖 Chocolate for Charity

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为更成功地举办此次活动,我们将通过GoCare众筹网进行活动经费筹募。我们将会把筹到的善款用在购买活动材料,壁画彩绘及粉刷礼堂所用到的漆,阅读角落的书架等等。我们希望您可以协助这次的活动经费,让我们可以无后顾之忧下, 越办越精彩。

Entering year 2020, it is the 8th times that CRSM collaborated with TARUC / UTAR students to conduct “Project Caring Orang Asli”. ”. The project not only provides the opportunity to the students to better understand and experience the life of the Orang Asli, but also heightens the public’s awareness regarding their health and lifestyle.

To ensure the event organized successfully, we will be using GoCare crowd funding platform to raise fund for the event. We will use the funds raised to purchase event materials, mural wall painting and painting of the hall, bookshelf of reading corner, and so on. We hope that you can assist with the funding for this event so that we can conduct this event without worries.

以下是即将的两场原住民关爱活动的详情 Here are the details of two upcoming “Project Caring Orang Asli”:

日期 Date:10/1/2020 – 12/1/2020
时间 Time:12.00pm (Friday)–1.00pm(Sunday)
地点 Venue :Kampung Ulu Jelintoh,Gopeng,Perak

日期 Date:21/2/2020 – 23/2/2020
时间 Time:12.00pm (Friday)–1.00pm(Sunday)
地点 Venue:Kampung Batu 15.5, Tapah,Perak

Name Donate Amount Date
CRSM PENANG RM3,040.00 February 06, 2020
grace chew RM55.00 January 20, 2020
liau lian kee RM1,115.00 January 17, 2020
CRSM JOHOR RM264.00 January 17, 2020
grace chew RM68.00 January 15, 2020
loh seng kok RM88.00 January 09, 2020
hon RM88.00 January 09, 2020


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