BeTheOne GoFunding 爱心众筹

GoFunding is our initiative to support underprivileged groups through various fundraising activities. Engage in our online and offline charity sales or contribute to our GoCare Crowdfunding campaigns. Every donation and purchase helps provide resources and opportunities to those who need it most. Let’s empower lives through generosity.


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • Charity Sales: Organize fundraising sales during festivals, including online sales on TIK TOK
  • Charity Crowdfunding: Raise funds for underprivileged groups, the public, and disaster relief
  • GoCare Charity Warehouse Sales: Hold a 2-3 day clearance sale of second-hand clothes, with proceeds donated to GoCare. This event will also introduce GoCare’s 360 theme.

• 慈善义卖Charity Sales: 配合节日进行义卖筹款,也包括线上 TIK TOK 义卖
• 慈善众筹Charity Crowdfunding: 筹款至弱势群体,公众和赈灾援助
• 清仓大促销GoCare Charity Warehouse Sales: 举办为期2-3天的二手服饰清仓大促销,义卖筹获的款项将捐至GoCare.

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