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GoCare Job Hub Website Link: https://covid.gocare.org.my/


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GoCare Job Hub Website Link: https://covid.gocare.org.my/

  • GOCARE 爱心招聘站 Caring Job Hub
  • 1) 主办单位:GoCare 公益众筹网
    Organiser: GoCare Crowfunding2) 受惠单位:弱势群体/清寒家庭/单亲家庭
    Beneficiary: underprivileged group/ poor family/ single parent family

    3) 概要:数个月前,GoCare已成立一个关爱站,主要目的是为医院和弱势慈善中心筹募物资,以及让善心人士来捐助物资和捐款。如今,GoCare爱心招聘站的成立希望能以同样的方式帮助弱势及清寒家庭,有一份收入,让他们不至于手停口停。
    Summary: Few months ago, GoCare has set up a GoCare Hub, to raise materials for hospitals and underprivileged charity centers. Today, the GoCare Job Hub has been established, hoping to help underprivileged and poor families to get a job.

    4) 宗旨:许多弱势群体及单亲父母在这疫情期间失去了收入,因此马华志工团将通过GOCARE成立一个GOCARE 爱心招聘站,以协助协助弱势群体渡过难关,可以自力更生,有三餐温饱。
    Purpose: Underprivileged groups and single parents have lost their income during the epidemic. Therefore, CRSM will set up a GoCare Caring Job Hub to assist the underprivileged groups to overcome the difficulties and get a job to keep on living.

    5) 如何运作
    i. 此招聘站有两大功能:
    A) 我要找工:需要工作的人士可透过GoCare 招聘站查看和申请合适的工作

    B) 我要聘请:雇主可在此网站登招聘广告

  • ii. GoCare 将提供线上表格让大众申请iii. 目前GoCare 与中小型企业合作, 协助他们进行一系列的招聘工作,其中第合作的公司包括:
    • Reborn Signature Sdn Bhd按摩水疗中心,
    • NSK Trade City 霸级商场,
    • Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd 资威私人有限公司,
    • Delta Pride Sdn Bhd

iv. 此招聘站将无收费,免费帮雇主登刊聘请广告
v. 除了雇主和民众的线上申请,GoCare 也将会在求职网/面子书群组物色合适的工作岗位,协助雇主把工作发到此招聘站

How it works
i. The recruitment station has two major functions:
A) I need job: Those who need a job can check and apply for suitable jobs through the GoCare recruitment station
B) I need workers: Employers can place job advertisements on this website
ii. GoCare will provide online forms for the public to apply
iii. GoCare will cooperate with SMEs to assist them in a series of recruitment work. The supported company included: Reborn Signature Sdn Bhd, NSK Trade City, Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd, Delta Pride Sdn Bhdiv. The GoCare Job Hub is free of charge to help the employment publish the advertisement for free.
V. Other than online applications from employers and the public, GoCare will also search for suitable jobs vacancy on the job search website/Facebook group and assist employers to upload those job vacancies to this Job Hub.


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马华志工团推出GoCare 招聘站找工


If there is fund received from this campaign, all fund will goes to COVID19 Charity Campaign

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