GoCare Charity Kitchen 2021

GoCare #BeMYHero Care Zone  raising RM25,000 in funds and 5,000 lunch boxes for medical frontliners in the Klang Valley.

GoCare 的目标筹募2万5000令吉善款及5000包饭盒至雪隆区的前线医护人员。


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GoCare #BeMYHero Care Zone to raise 5,000 lunch boxes for frontliners in Klang Valley
Through the Gocare Charity Kitchen, the Crisis Relief Squad of MCA has rallied food trucks, targeting a contribution of 5,000 lunch boxes to hospital frontliners in the Klang Valley area as a token of appreciation for the sacrifices made.
As Covid-19 has the world in a chokehold, the situation in Malaysia continues to worsen, hitting economic sectors and planting the fear of infection in us all. With the pressure on the shoulders of frontliners steadily mounting, GoCare #BeMyHero’s Charity Kitchen collaborated with SCK Food Trucks in hopes of providing some comfort to them.
GoCare Charity Kitchen has delivered 400 boxes to Hospital Shah Alam and Hospital Putrajaya. After preparing the meals in the food trucks, GoCare and CRSM volunteers distributed them to the aforementioned Klang Valley hospitals.
GoCare’s advisor Natalie Lim Chong Ly said the main objective of the establishment of #BeMyHero Care Zone is to raise Covid-19 funds and do our part in supporting frontliners.
At the moment, GoCare targets raising RM25,000 in funds and 5,000 lunch boxes for medical frontliners in the Klang Valley.
She calls out to all eager food trucks to join our ranks, and welcomes samaritans to donate food or funds. Each lunch box symbolises an intent to contribute to the war efforts against Covid-19.
If you are looking to donate, please visit https://gocare.org.my/product/gocare-charity-kitchen-2021/. For further enquiries, call our hotlines at 03 2203 3920 / 019 – 669 6278.

新闻 News Link: 感谢你们无私的付出 蜘蛛侠爱心饭盒献医护

马华志工团透过GoCare 爱心厨房活动,联合流动餐车目标赠送5000包饭盒到雪隆区的医院前线人员,以行动向他们说声:辛苦了,谢谢!
新冠肺炎正在全球肆虐,马来西亚的疫情也在一直升温,疫情也打击各经济领域的发展,人民活在染病的恐惧中,前线人员的压力也在不断增加,GoCare BeMYHero之爱心厨房与SCK 流动餐车合作,希望能为前线人员提供温暧。

GoCarre爱心厨房于4月27日载送400包素食饭盒到沙亚南医院以及布特拉再也医院。流动餐车烹饪好饭盒后,将由GoCare 和马华志工团一同载送饭盒至有需要的雪隆区医院。

GoCare 顾问拿督林火莉表示,GoCare 成立BeMYHero爱心关怀站主要是筹募COVID19基金,为前线人员尽一份棉力。

目前GoCare 的目标是筹募2万5000令吉善款及5000包饭盒至雪隆区的前线医护人员。


如有意捐款,可浏览 https://gocare.org.my/product/gocare-charity-kitchen-2021/。任何疑问,可拨打GoCare 热线03 2203 3920 / 019 – 669 6278。

Welcome to make donation at our website for COVID19 FUND! 欢迎了捐筹募COVID-19 基金!

Fund raise will goes to 款项将分发至以下活动:


#BeMyHero School Pandemic Prevention & Caring Program 校园防疫关爱运动 

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