Combining the power of public, show your love by donating products and donations to help poor and disadvantaged groups


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Nationwide, Malaysia

A. Event name : FUND ZONE 爱心众筹站

B. Theme 活动主题:  GoCare Caring Awareness Crowdfunding Campaign 全民爱心众筹运动

C. Event date 活动日期: 31/12 /2020 – 31/3 /2021

D. Online launching : 31/12/2020

E. Objective 宗旨:

  • Assist the needy and underprivileged groups of all walks of life through donations from the public


  • To provide the public with a transparent, fast and convenient charity donation platform


  • To cheer for frontliners and underprivileged groups.


F Target 目标: RM500,000.00

Donation Fund Purpose :

Charity Amount (RM)
a) CNY Care – helping the underprivilege family 100,000
b) Crisis Relief – aid relief to the disaster victims 100,000
c) Education – helping the underprivilege student family 100,000
d) Social Caring – helping the underprivilege group & NGOs 100,000
e) Orang Asli Caring Program – support the local Org Asli 50,000
f) Animals & Environment Care – community caring 50,000


G. Event method :

  • Donation in Cash by GoCare 网站进行捐款

  • Donation in kind by GoCare 关爱站,填上表格,捐赠物资




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