Free phones and data to students from B40 families B40 学生免费手机及上网数据


马华志工团及GoCare接力财政部在过去推行的“关怀网络计划”(Program Jaringan PRIHATIN)及配合杨忠礼基金会的 “居家学习计划”(Learn From Home Initiative),协助B40 学生申请有关免费手机及上网数据。

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协助B40 学生申请有关免费手机及上网数据。

主办: GoCare , MCA Youth , CRSM



免费手机 (Free Phones) 及上网数据 (Free Data)


马华志工团及GoCare接力财政部在过去推行的“关怀网络计划”(Program Jaringan PRIHATIN)及配合杨忠礼基金 (YTL Foundation) 会的 “居家学习计划”(Learn From Home Initiative),协助B40 学生申请有关免费手机及上网数据。



Under the raging Covid-19, our country has implemented a movement control order to control the epidemic. Face-to-face learning is no longer possible. Online teaching must be used. Cloud and home learning are the new normal teaching models adopted in most countries around the world. After a year of intermittent online classes, there are still many remote and poor children who are unable to continue learning online. Among them, the biggest main reason is the inability to buy mobile phones and to cope with monthly Internet data charges.

CRSM and GoCare through the “Program Jaringan PRIHATIN” (Program Jaringan PRIHATIN) implemented by the Ministry of Finance in the past and the “Learn From Home Initiative” cooperating with the YTL Foundation to assist B40 students in applying About free mobile phone and Internet data.

We hope to help 10,000 B40 students apply for free mobile phone and Internet data to ensure that no one is left behind on the way to study.

GoCare hopes that the program can be extended to more disadvantaged groups and poor families. Regardless of skin color and background, we hope to ensure that all people will not be left out on the road to the digital economy.


If necessary, please call the GoCare secretariat hotline 016-5399178.



YTL 基金会: 家长免费 40GB 上网数据, B40 学生免费手机

MCMC: 配合国庆日及大马日“关怀网络计划”延长至9月30日

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