GoCare Community Caring Fund 社区关爱众筹运动

Fundraising for GoCare Community Caring Fund, to support the underprivileged groups.

为GoCare社区关爱基金筹款, 以协助弱势群体

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The goal of campaign is to assist the less fortunate in the community. We believe that true community spirit is reflected in our care and support for those in need. Through this campaign, we hope to band together and provide some assistance and warmth to those in need.


筹款受惠单位 Fundraising Beneficiary

A) Toy Story Project 3.0 :

Through TOY STORY Charity Project 3.0, CRSM GoCare and the organizer Creagift will re-wrap the toy as GIFT to the underprivileged families and kids in this festive season.

There’s 3 ways to support the campaign: Public donate pre-love toys, Sponsor on wrapping and colouring materials, Introduce the underprivileged group of family as receiver.
通过Toy Story Charity Project 3.0, GoCare 和主办方Creagift 将在这个佳节将玩具重新包装为礼物送给弱势家庭和孩子们。


最后一步,CRSM GoCare 将圣诞礼盒交给受惠弱势儿童。

Video Link: https://fb.watch/nNWL23YGdy/

B) 社区关爱活动 GoCare Social Caring Project

– 原住民关爱计划 Project Caring Orang Asli

Visited to Kampung Orang Asli , provided community services, interacted with local residents, and had cultural exchanges with the university students.

带领大专生前往原住民部落给予协助和关爱, 并购买和分发必需品。
Video Link: https://fb.watch/loW95xQkTy/



C) 赈灾援助 Crisis Relief

– 为天灾灾民筹募款项,如:水灾,风灾,土崩等等
Fundraising for victims of natural disasters, such as floods, windstorms, landslides, etc.


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