Charity Basketball Match 2016

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The Story :
GoCare, an online crowd funding platform for humanitarian causes is organising an charity basketball match to raise fund for our national basketball player Tong Wen Keong which got involved in a car accident last year October.

The 23-year-old national basketball player was driving to Batu Pahat for a local league match when he lost control of his Honda City along KM41.8 of the North South Expressway and crashed into the metal railing around 2.10pm. Wen Keong was hospitalised and suffered a broken arm and leg.

The charity basketball match organized by GoCare with collaboration with Malaysia Basketball Association, Johor Basketball Association and Johor Bahru Basketball Association will be on the 29th of January and will start at 8 pm. The venue of the charity basketball match will be at the Indoor Basketball Stadium in Larkin, Johor Bahru. Players for the charity basketball match include our national basketball team players and other celebrity basketball players from overseas.

Charity Basketball Match

Venue : Indoor Basketball Stadium Larkin, Johor Bahru

Date    : 29 January 2016

Time    : 6:30 pm Malaysia All Star Celebrity vs Johor Girls

              8:10 pm Malaysia Challenger vs Johor Selection Team


GoCare Donation Crowd Funding Platform is an initiative by the Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM) to help underprivileged and needy individuals through fundraising from the public. This donation platform is open to the public so everyone can participate in the fundraising easily. Any enquires regarding about GoCare can be made at or call 2203 3979.

Newspaper link :

Kwong Wah Yit Poh
Sin Chew Jit Poh
See Hua Daily News
Oriental Daily News
Guang Ming
Nanyang Siang Pau
China Press

 Q & A

(1) Where and how to collect the ticket(s) and T-shirt(s)?

Answer : We will send you an confirmation email after donation and please get your ticket and Li-Ning T-shirt on Match’s day; there is a counter for redemption.



Risks & Challenges


Many are asking why are we doing this. Simple, we believe in love is everywhere. Quoting the famous Cambodian activist Somaly Mam, we strongly believe that love is the answer and that it can mend even the deepest unseen wounds. Love can heal, love can console, love can strengthen, and yes, love can make change. Giving love and being loved are equally important to us. Love gives us strength and courage to tackle just anything that may threaten to delay our charity project. Putting asides anything that is beyond our control, or so-called act-of-god, we do not think anything like equipment, event schedule, permits or any other problem that arise will not be resolved by our incredibly loving team.

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  • 14-01-2016

    Charity Basketball Match 2016 - Press Conference

    Charity Basketball Match 2016 - Press ConferenceDate : 14 Jan 2016 Venue : MABA, Level 12 Time : 1030 am Download [ Press Conference Photos and Press Release (chinese) ]

  • 23-01-2016

    Charity Basketball Match 2016 - Press Conference II

    Charity Basketball Match 2016 - Press Conference II Date : 20 Jan 2016 Venue : New York Hotel Time : 1030 am Download [ Press Conference Photos and Press Release (chinese) ]

  • 23-01-2016


    篮球慈善挑战赛篮球员名单出炉 : Malaysia Challenger Team (大马挑战队) 1. 苏永庆 Soo Eng Heng (国手National Player) 2. 黄万新 Ooi Ban Sin (前国手Ex-National Player) 3. 谭健鸿 Tan Kian Hong (前国手Ex-National Player) 4. 廖慈辉 Liaw Chee Huei (国手National Player) 5. 张元耀 Vincent Chong Yuan Yew (国手National Player) 6. 颜坊峰 Gan Hong Hoong (前国手Ex-National Player) 7. 张国豪 Teo Kok Hou (国手National Player) 8. 麦洛城 Mak Lok Seng (国手National Player) 9. 黄有成 John Ng (前国手Ex-National Player) 10. 施仁 Kuppusamy Satyaseelan (前国手Ex-National Player) 11. 陈国泰 Chan Kek Thai (前国手Ex-National Player) 12. 魏川进 Wee Chuan Chin (前国手Ex-National Player) 13. 陈利伟 Chee Li Wei (前国手Ex-National Player) 14. 许伟德 Koh Way Tek (前国手Ex-National Player) 15. 许明坤 Koh Meng Koon (新加坡前国手Ex-Singapore National Player ) 柔佛挑选队 (Johor Selection Team) 1. 唐文勇 Tong Wen Yung (前国手Ex-National Player) 2. 陈智鑫Chin Zhi Shin (前国手Ex-National Player) 3. 郑国凌 Te Kok Lim (前国青Ex-National Junior) 4. 潘俊琪 Phuan Jiun Chyi (柔佛州手Johor State Player) 5. 王奕栋Heng Yee Tong (国青National Junior) 6. 士林兰Sreendhran Al Rajah (柔佛州手 Johor State Player) 7. 黄锦荣 Wong Chin Yong (前国手Ex-National Player) 8. 黄运乐Wee Joon Lock (前国青Ex-National Junior) 9. 叶进宝yap Chin Poh (柔佛州手Johor State Player) 10. 林芳靖Lim Fang Qie (柔佛州手Johor State Player) 11. 林芳祺Shawn Lim (柔佛州手 Johor State Player) 12. 黄凯杰John Wong (前国青Ex-National Junior) 13. 许永威 Khaw Yeong Wooi (新加坡前国手 Ex-Singapore National Player) 14. 陈国丰Chan Kok Fon (前国青Ex-National Junior) 15. 叶良权Yap Lek Chuan (前国手Ex-National Player) 大马艺人明星队 • Jack Koo 高成杰 (模特儿 + 前国手) • Steve Yap 叶良财 (模特儿 + 演员) • Alan Yun 袁锦伦 (演员) • Issac Ong 王家权 (模特儿 + 演员)


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