GoCare & Callie Mask Charity Sales 慈善义卖

GoCare & Callie Mask Charity Sales 慈善义卖

Assist single-parent families 协助单亲家庭

GoCare 也欢迎单亲家庭或失业人士注册成为一件代发商,义卖口罩,以增加额外的收入。

GoCare also welcomes single-parent families and the unemployed to sign up as dropshippers with the goal of selling masks for charity while increasing their income.

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RM10,000.00 Goal
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Callie Mask Charity Sale 口罩慈善义卖 :
( Free Shipping  West Malaysia 西马免运费 )

下单表格 Charity Sales Order Form

第一批限量100套!LIMITED 100 SETS for 1st batch

Charity Sales Any 50pcs or 30pcs 
No Quantiy Price
1 1 box RM50
2 2 Box RM100
3 5 box RM200
4 10 box + 1 KN95 RM500

Nature Series 30 pcs / box

Adult Base Series 50pcs / box

Kids XS Editions 50pcs / box

KN95 20 pcs / Box

I) 网上捐款 Online Donation:

II) 银行转账 Bank Transfer Account details:
Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM)-Go Care
Alliance Bank 1418 500 100 42290

Remarks: Callie Mask

联络方式 Contact:
Gocare Hotline :019- 669 6278

FB: LetsGoCare

IG: gocare.org.my

Email: gocare.org.my@gmail.com

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LIUNG CHEK CHEN RM100.00 August 11, 2021
Lee Su Beng RM200.00 August 09, 2021
VENICE WONG YUN JING RM100.00 August 07, 2021


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