ACTnow Courage Ribbon Run

Since the start of Covid-19 pandemic, every day, somewhere in the world, someone is diagnosed with Covid-19 and frontliners are racing to curb the outbreak. That’s why, ACTnow is putting them in the spotlight with its ACTnow Courage Ribbon Run for Frontliners 2022 campaign. This outreach campaign is one which all people from different walks of life can participate – to express their gratitude to doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, police and armed forces, volunteering personnel, cleaners, and grocery and delivery workers and etc.


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The ACTnow Courage Ribbon Run is a social movement by ACTnow together with Malaysia Runners Facebook Group which has over 170,000 thousand active members that aims to lift the spirits of the frontliners and express our sincere gratitudes, who have been working round-the-clock while the rest of us stay home in order to help limit the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the load on hospitals and the healthcare system.

The ACTnow Courage Ribbon outreach programmes hope to observe annually throughout the month of August. The message is to communicate the importance of remembering brave and courageous people who fought on the front lines for the people and those who lost their lives to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This Inaugural Run is organised by ACTnow and co-organised by Malaysia Runners Facebook Group and GoCare-CRSM.

ACTnow Courage Ribbon Run 是ACTnow 与拥有超过170,000,000 活跃会员的马来西亚跑步者Facebook Group 共同发起的一项社区活动,旨在振奋前线人员的精神,表达我们对日以继夜工作的前线人员的诚挚感谢而我们其他人则安心待在家里,以帮助限制冠状病毒的传播并减轻医院和医疗保健系统的负担。

ACTnow Courage Ribbon Run 向所有年龄组开放,不限制参加距离或次数。主要目标是在“跑步迷”和公众参与醒觉运动。八月将会是纪念前线人员月份,同时也与马来西亚国庆日庆祝活动在同一个时段。

本次首跑由 ACTnow 主办,Malaysia Runners Facebook Group和 GoCare-CRSM 协办。

How to participate? 如何参与?

The Run mechanic is simple and based on Virtual Run concept, and the participants just need to;
1. Run and post to the ACTnow Courage Ribbon Run Facebook Group.
2. Attached the ACTnow Courage Ribbon poster in the posting.
3. Write a positive message for the frontliners. Then, tag friends to do the same.
4. Download ACTnow App:
App Store (Apple):
Play Store (Google):

(Each winner will receive a Hamper of Products worth RM1,000.00 from Chek Hup Coffee and AST Birdnest. Also a Crystal Plaque)

Note: There is No Joining Fee or Administration Fee for this ’Run’.

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