“A FIVET A LOVE” Charity Sales

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About this campaign


” A FIVET A LOVE” is a project that cooperate between FIVET & GOCARE.ORG.MY.

The purpose of this project is to encourage people joining charity and doing awareness about charity is without any character or background restrictions, so that everyone can joining charity.
A FIVET A LOVE will always seek non-profit charitable organizations to donate funds for long-term cooperation, and we will go through GOCARE.ORG.MY platform to conduct a review of the nonprofit charity to ensure that every donation is fully utilized.

The combination of fashion and meaningful shirts design is to let everyone wearing the “love” and spread the love over the world.
We are selling the A FIVET A LOVE Shirts and 30% of Selling Price will donate to Gocare.org.my platform, for the next step Gocare.org.my will manage the donation and sent to the non-profit charitable organizations.

此活动是由 FIVET & GOCARE.ORG.MY 一起共同实行。这项项目的宗旨主要是为了鼓励各界人士不一定是大企业甚至中小企业也能以另一种方式共同为慈善献一份爱心,以表达出做慈善是没有任何的人物或背景的限制,人人都能响应慈善。

A FIVET A LOVE 会一直寻觅需要捐款资金的非营利慈善团体进行长期性配合,当然也会通过GOCARE.ORG.MY 平台来进行对该非营利慈善团体的审核以确保每款项都被充分的有效利用。FIVET主要是通过结合时尚及富含意义的服装设计能让每个人能把爱心穿在身上并把爱心传达出去。他们将会通过销售服装来从中抽取30%的利润全数转交与GOCARE.ORG.MY 平台来进行下一步的慈善资金分配。

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