2016 PRG GoCare Run

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Back this Campaign and Join the Run. 

PRG Holdings Berhad and GoCare Charity Crowdfunding will be co-organising a PRG GoCare Run on October 16, 2016 in Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat from 7.30a.m. to 10.30a.m. The Run is expected to have 2,000 participants and offers 2 distance categories that open to all ages and ability (5km and 10km).

The participation fees are to be set at RM50 for the individual category, and RM100 for the family category (3 pax with at least one individual aged 18 years old and above). The registration of the Run can be done at www.myraceonline.com, which will be activated on 15 August 2016.

To date, GoCare have identified 3 beneficiaries, namely National Cancer SocietyNational Kidney Foundation Malaysia and Dual Blessing Berhad, with a target to engage another 7 beneficiaries for the proceeds raised. As part of PRG’s commitment to making long-term progress and changes to the community, the Company will donate RM100,000 for the Run. The balance after deducting the expenses, together with the proceeds raised, will be given to GoCare Charity Crowdfunding.

Details of the run : https://mro.myraceonline.com/prgr16/registrations

PRG控股私人有限公司(PRG Holdings Berhad)与GoCare慈善众筹网站(GoCare Charity Crowdfunding)联合举办的企业社会责任活动,命名为PRG GoCare Run (“Run”)慈善竞跑。

马来西亚国家癌症协会(National Cancer Society)、马来西亚肾脏基金会(National Kidney Foundation Malaysia)与双福残障自强发展协会(Dual Blessing Berhad)为此活动的合作伙伴并共同筹募20万马币予双福残障自强发展协会负责的大城小爱(Love In City),马来西亚国家癌症协会的“儿童希望之家”( Children’s Home of Hope)以及马来西亚肾脏基金会的“病患福利基金”(Patient Welfare Fund)

PRG GoCare Run慈善竞跑将于20161016 Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat举办,时间是715分至1030,预计将吸引来自2个组别(5公里与10公里)超过2,000名参赛者前来报名。个人组的报名费为50令吉(10公里)家庭组的报名费为100令吉(5公里,3人其中至少一人需年届18岁或以上)。有兴趣者可以登入www.myraceonline.com 报名参加该慈善竞跑,活动将于2016815起接受报名。


GoCare已经过滤和评估数项项目 ,这些由上述三个组织提议的活动将开始透过慈善众措平台接受大众捐款。拿督赖俊瀚说:“ “我们的意图是建立一个长期的基础,以便GoCare与这些非政府组织之间能够有长期的啮合

Beneficiary (1) – National Cancer Society

Brief History

NCSM is a non-profit organisation founded in 1996, with the main purpose of providing education, care and support services for a wide range of cancer patients in Malaysia.

Children’s Hope Cancer Care Center is run by the Malaysian National Cancer Institute which is a registered non-profit organisation offering pharmaceutical assistance.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the central pediatric hospital, the children’s cancer care was established in 1997 with a concept of a “second home” to provide cancer patients and their family a place for recuperation and rehabilitation where located nearby hospital during the cancer treatment.


It aims to provide medical facilities with comfortable, reasonably price and temporary shelter for the cancerous children during their cancer treatment.

  1. Facilities
  2. To have a personal air-conditioned room
  3. To have a space for entertainment and kid library
  4. To have a TV room
  5. To have a basic cooking kitchen

Terms and conditions

  1. Cancer-stricken children below 16 years, and non-residents in Klang Valley
  2. Only one family either father/ mother/ guardian to stay and accompany the patient
  3. The total monthly household income is less than RM3000
  4. A minimum stay of two nights or the patients has to obtain a referral from the hospital
  5. The patients are able to move by their own selves
  6. Visiting hours is set at 1600 to 2000
  7. Only three family members allowed during visiting hours

Reservation Hotlink: 03-26981676

Booking hours: Monday to Friday (0800 to 1600)

Contact: Malaysian National Cancer Society Cancer Care Center Children’s Hope

66,Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, 4th floor

50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-26981676

Fax: 03-26984300


Website: www.cancer.org.my

Facebook: National Cancer Society of Malaysia


Beneficiary (2) – National Kidney Foundation Malaysia

Brief History

NKF is a non-profit charity organisation, thus fundraising is an important component to raise the standards of care to provide patients with kidney failure and those who are suffering from various kidney-related diseases and those who cannot afford the expensive treatment of dialysis care


NKF aims to raise public education to prevent kidney disease and to provide affordable health care for kidney patients nationwide and become a one-stop national resource center for all kidney related matters


  1. To provide knowledge about kidney disease prevention and health checks through the public education for early detection and able to control of the disease. Meanwhile, it has to provide the information for the dialysis patients who suffered kidney failure and make a new beginning of their lives
  2. Efforts to promote organ donation, kidney transplant and research about kidney disease
  3. Through the comprehensive care of a treatment programme to help patients to learn how to adjust their lifestyle after the dialysis and hence to achieve good recover results

Currently, NKF has more than 1500 kidney failure patients in 26 dialysis centers nationwide who receive dialysis care allowance aid treatment. By 2016, NKF will face a problem with an estimated RM14.5 million cost overrun.      In order to continue providing the assistance and subsidies for kidney disease patients and ensure smooth programme progression, therefore NKF needs to seek more sponsors for donations.

For each kidney disease patient, they need to undergo kidney dialysis three times in a week (or 13 times per month) which lasts for 4 hours per dialysis treatment and the cost is around RM250 in private care centers (total RM40000 in year). Therefore, it could become a long term financial burden for these kidney failure patients who come from low income families. They have to worry as to whether their money should be spent on dialysis treatment or basic daily expenses. For this reason, NKF needs more public support to aid the kidney failure patients who need help.



70,Jalan 14/29, 46000 Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 03-79549048 Fax : 03-79577328




Beneficiary (3) – Dual Blessing Berhad


Dual Blessing Bhd is a continuous access to the “Friendly City” awareness campaign. Since 2003 to 2004, Dual Blessing Bhd promotes the “Friendly City” awareness campaign, with the cooperation of Sin Chew Daily and Vision Wealth Management Organisation to raise funds and totally dispatched 100 portable wheelchairs, 67 special type of children’s wheelchairs and 10 electric wheelchairs for disabled people from different ethnic groups. at the same time, Dual Blessing Bhd also introduced “experience disability game” aimed at awakening the public which includes the government, business organisations and community to be concerned about people with disabilities (PWD) and allow this disadvantaged group to have access to both the environment and transport.


In order to have more extensive services for the PWD, an immediate taxi rehabilitation plan “love for  barrier-free roads” will be launched for the next five years to install 10 lift equipment in barrier-free taxi. This aims to provide transport services for PWD, elderly wheelchair users, vulnerable patients, and short term accident injury patients living in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.


“Barrier-free” accessibility needs not only transport and environment plans, but should be built into the hearts to work together uncover an environment free of hindrances and love of transport.


To create a “Friendly City” for the Malaysian PWDs to access passages without barriers.


  1. Objectives
  2. Enable PWD to have barrier-free accessibilities in the aspects of medical care, education, employment and others.
  3. To call on the government, business organisations and community to be concerned about these kinds of social issues.
  4. PWDs are one of the indispensable national producers.
  5. To implement the “Friendly City” concept of a barrier-free environment.


  1. PWDs (especially those who with severe disabilities)
  2. Vulnerable patients
  3. Elderly wheelchair users
  4. Short term injuries by accident
  5. Wheelchair-bound foreign tourists to Malaysia


  1. To set up a lift for wheelchairs to ascend and desced
  2. To have flexibility to fold the car seat down
  3. To accommodate fully folded seats for 3 to 4 wheelchairs and lay down a row of seats to accommodate 2 wheelchairs


Reservation Hotlink: 03-79831842 or 016-2104403





Risks & Challenges


Each participant is responsible for their own insurance to cover trip cancellation and interruption. For example, weather-related delays and other delays can occur in such an extreme environment and the organisers cannot be held responsible for such disruption. Participants must obtain their own travel / medical insurance.

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