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Kampar, Perak, Malaysia

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霹雳州金宝华隆新村新村发展及治安委员会(村委会),在过去走访该新村及视察当地居民的住家环境时,发现村內有些民宅已经非常残旧,尤其是位于拉布路的木板住家,不但破烂不堪,有些甚至面临隨时倒塌的危机。因此决定实行“关爱小屋计划”。为了帮助贫困,残疾老人及弱势群体。这项计划主要是给孤苦贫老或穷困者建造半格式新小屋,让他们也有间”我的家”。每一间房屋的面积为17.1 尺乘9尺,包括厨房及厕所。经过调查,这项计划将会提供给8户有需要帮助的人士入住,大多于60岁以上居住在破旧不堪屋子里的贫困老人。除此之外,新村发展部也会分发500令吉给这8户人,以让他们添加家具。

The Village Development and Public Security Committee (village committee) of Wah Loong new village under Perak, Kampar apply grants to build a semi-format new shelter for the poor’s’ or needy. The area for each house measures 17.1 feet by 9 feet including kitchen and toilet. The “8 rooms” in Wah Loong new village is the first funds allocated by the New Village Development Department to help the poor’s’, disabled elderly and the disadvantages. Based on survey, these “rooms” will be provided to 8 people who had already over 60 years old and currently living in poverty. Other than that, they will also be given an amount of RM500 for them to buy even more furniture.

News source from THE STAR 
Giving them a better home
Transit home opens in Wah Loong New Village, Kampar

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